Products & Services

One-On-One Consultation

The SBTDC specializes in providing one-on-one consulting that is comprehensive and individualized to meet the particular needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. SBTDC consultants are skilled professionals with experience in many areas including:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Computer software
  • Business acquisition
  • Business liquidation or sale
  • Technology access
  • Loan packaging
  • Sales
  • Cost control
  • Inventory control
  • Business start-up
  • Management
  • Operations

All information provided to the Small Business & Technology Development Center staff is held in complete confidence at all times. Businesses may request assistance by calling the SBTDC at 417-837-2617 in Springfield, or 417-255-7966 in West Plains. There is no charge for one-on-one consulting. Let us assist you in formulating a strategy to help your company's growth and expansion efforts!

Financial Analysis Tools

The SBTDC can produce a variety of financial analysis reports to give you a complete picture of your company’s financial condition. A fee is charged for each product, but there is no charge for consultations. You will have access to one-on-one meetings with an SBTDC consultant who can assist in interpreting the reports and developing future plans. Call 417-837-2617 to begin your company’s financial analysis today.

The Strategic Financial Analysis

Unlock the secrets behind the numbers of your business. The Strategic Financial Analysis report will help you understand where your business is headed. Using your company’s financial information, the report provides a detailed analysis of your financial statements with critical information to make management decisions concerning your business. Through a sophisticated proprietary software program, you can identify and understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and compare your company to similar companies in your industry.

Discover the answers to these questions:

  • Do you know how your company compares to competitors in the industry?
  • Based on your past performance, can your operations fund your growth?
  • What does your banker see when looking at your financial statements?
  • What profit centers provide your biggest gross margins?
  • Do you know your company trends in critical financial areas?
  • Do you know your break-even point?

Base Price - $600.00
(call for a free estimate)

Proforma Financial Statements

Present your projected financial statements in a lender approved format and see a clear picture of your company’s future to determine whether your company’s future plans are realistic. Most often used to acquire financing, Proforma Financial Statements takes you from merely guessing about your future expenditures to a complete financial projection that is an essential part of your company’s business plan. Included in the plan are three years of monthly and annual projected income statements and monthly cash flow projections with corresponding annual balance sheets. A complete set of worksheets and assumptions support the planned projections.

Discover the answers to these questions:

  • Do you know how your projections compare against the financial ratios for the industry?
  • What cash requirements are necessary to grow your business?
  • How much financing do you need to get your business started or where you want it to be?
  • How can you make accurate projections to achieve your desired results?
  • Is your lender asking for information you can’t provide?

Base Price - $600.00
(call for a free estimate)

Custom Training Programs

The Missouri State SBTDC helps new and expanding companies solve their business challenges. We work together with business owners to develop innovative and relevant programs that are individually tailored to meet your specific company objectives. Our custom programs are designed in partnership with your company, drawing upon the expertise of our SBTDC staff and instructors. We deliver our training and instructors to your business location, providing customized solutions that address the spectrum of your organization's education and development needs. We partner with you to assess your business challenges and to design and develop solutions to help meet your goals.

Our delivery approach includes lecture, discussion, interactive participation, team exercises and case studies to ensure that participants retain what they learn so they can immediately apply their learning to their work.

The programs we teach are client-centered, applicable and focused. Our staff and instructors are experienced educators who have prior and current real-world business experience. To learn more about our custom program opportunities, please contact the SBTDC office at 417-837-2617.

Priced by project

Feasibility Study

In conjunction with MSUs Entrepreneurship class, the SBTDC offers feasibility study projects each fall and spring semester. Potential business owners are screened and selected by the SBTDC for these studies conducted by the students. Using real clients with real dreams of owning their own small businesses, Missouri States College of Business Administration students have the opportunity to learn about factors and conditions in initiating a new business. The students explore the entrepreneurial skills, venture capital requirements and business plan development process involved in researching a potential new business opportunity. The result is a "deal or no deal" recommendation for the client, based upon the research findings from the study. Each client participant receives close to 100 hours of research and preparation time during the three months of each study.

The SBTDCs partnership in this program provides another level of assistance to would-be entrepreneurs, allowing them to make more informed decisions about whether to start their new business ventures. It also provides a valuable applied learning experience for Missouri State students enrolled in the entrepreneurship program.

  • Does the market support your business idea?
  • Will you have positive cash flow?
  • Where should you advertise?

Enroll in the SBTDCs Feasibility Study and get the answers to your questions, before you make the decision to start your own business. Contact the Missouri State Small Business & Technology Development Center at 417-837-2617 for more information.

Price - $260.00*

*Participants must first complete the 6-hour "Building the Ultimate Business Plan" course through the SBTDC. The cost of the seminar is $139.00, which includes software and a companion workbook.


Business Specific Marketing Assessment

A detailed questionnaire collects information on your business’ current marketing program, marketing goals and overall business goals. The SBTDC professionals analyze the business’ position relative to the Marketing Ps. The Marketing Ps (also called the marketing mix) is the framework for defining the components of a marketing program. The standard four Ps (product, price, place and promotion) apply to all businesses while service businesses include three additional Ps (people, physical evidence and process). The analysis will focus on determining the strengths and weaknesses in each P individually and in relation to each other. Secondary research will be conducted to augment the analysis and flesh out a recommended plan of action to strengthen the business’ marketing position. An assessment report is provided which contains a summary of the analysis, recommendations and supporting data.

Priced by project